I had a minor heart attack in November 2016 and was diagnosed with a stress-related condition of the heart called Angina Pectoris. By March 2017, I was having spasms every other day. I took a month off work and worked with Dr. Holt for 5 weeks. We worked through several things including what triggered the condition, past trauma, current stress and how to manage stress in the future. I’m happy to say that it’s been four months since the treatments and I haven’t had a spasm. Can’t recommend Dr. Holt enough. He’s given me the confidence and tools I need to stay healthy.
Dr. Holt has worked with me on three occasions. I was having quite a bit of trouble with pain in my shoulder and ribs. At the first session, I could feel Dr. Holt moving my energy and afterward, I had to put my head down on the desk for a few minutes. I was wiped out through the rest of the day and went to bed early. The next day I found myself deep cleaning two bathrooms, vacuuming the family room, cleaning up the kitchen and completing a list of things I needed to do on the computer. Later in the day I went for a walk for 45 minutes. This was the first time I had been able to walk that long and far since over a year ago. My shoulder did not hurt and the circulation under my arm seemed better. I liked working with Dr. Holt. He explains things well and follows through with you.
I met Dr. Holt in June of 2001 to treat right shoulder residual pain stemming from a car accident I was involved in back in 1986. I was the passenger in the car, and moments prior to the impact, I extended my right arm toward the dash. I was not wearing my seatbelt. On impact, I ended up dislocating my right arm at my shoulder. After being treated at the hospital, and years later, I still had residual pain and limited mobility in that same area. Dr. Holt worked with me about 20-30 minutes. After the treatment, the residual pain cleared instantly. It was GONE. What was interesting was that, immediately after the treatment, I no longer remembered what the pain exactly felt like. I only remembered that I had it. I immediately noticed that I had regained my full range of motion. And that’s when I hugged Dr. Holt, and he laughed. Dr. Holt explained that we simply “reset” the mind and body which clears the cellular memory for the traumatic event. Amazing. Unfortunately, the real battle of my life came 8 years later. In 2009, I was diagnosed with bone cancer of my spine. I tried surgery which was only partially effective. I underwent a course of radiation therapy which proved ineffective according to my oncologist. To make a very long story short, Dr. Holt began working with me over the phone and the cancer is now in remission. My happiness is back! If you have cancer, do not be afraid. It can be beat. But fight it with everything you have and relentless faith. Just like in any major battle, don’t show up alone. Show up to the fight with an entire army, and fight to win. Love and Faith, V.G.D., Redondo Beach, CA
I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in June 2016. After three long years of trying to heal naturally on my own and having endured a radical mastectomy, I was still gripped by fear. My fear was triggered by not understanding how the body adapts so beautifully to the inevitable stressors we all face and not understanding what various (sometimes scary) symptoms mean when we are healing.

In May 2019, I discovered German New Medicine and Dr. Holt. What a blessing that was! Dr. Holt's experience and skill set are vast for dealing with cancer and/or any other condition. I'm pretty sure he has used every one of those skills in guiding me to self-healing. He's especially good at identifying "blind spots" - those areas in one's life that are next to impossible to detect on one's own and which are vital to uncover for true healing to occur.

Not only did I get to the bottom of how cancer developed in my body, I got to the bottom of every ailment I've struggled with for much of my life, including chronic hip pain, frozen shoulder, water retention (a biggie!), and many others. I am delighted to report that ALL of these issues have been resolved.

Armed with an entirely new perspective on the body's miraculous healing capacity, and having witnessed that healing capacity first-hand, I will never fear cancer or any other dis-ease again.

The body is not a problem to fix. It is a miracle to discover!

It is with deep gratitude that I provide this testimonial.

Gail PdM, Salinas CA

I began oral chemotherapy alongside having mistletoe IV and injected into the tumour. This all seemed to be working well and the tissue in my breast was starting to soften and the large tumour definitely starting to reduce giving me more movement in the shoulder. It was at this time that I began my treatments with Dr Holt. I had eight treatments over a four week period. During treatments I had some tooth pain which on investigation was linked to the breast meridian. I had some stomach bloating after one treatment and needed to urinate very frequently after the first couple of treatments. Overall my left breast became fuller again and the areola which had been inverted for well over a year has now come forward and is just flat. Earlier this week I went for an ultrasound scan. The doctor performing the scan had my CT pictures on screen and was amazed when scanning me that she couldn’t find any areas of diseased tissue. I hadn’t looked at the CT scan myself when it had been taken four months ago as I figured that it was full of pictures of disease which I was intending would not be there for long. I pointed out a small area of ‘gristle’ on my clavicle which she scanned and measured as there was nothing else anywhere to measure but I am confident that this is not tumour and by the time of the next scan whatever it is will have disappeared as well. I can also report a much greater feeling of peace and understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ of my life. The fear has been taken away from this disease at last and I now feel that I am not being held in this pattern due to fear and that I am free to move into the next stage of my healthy life. I thoroughly recommend Tong Ren as part of the healing journey.
I was referred to Dr. Holt by my Acupuncturist after experiencing an acute cardiac episode in April 2013.  I have experienced severe health issues since 1989 due to an infection transmitted by a tick bite. Together,  we were unable to bring any relief to this cardiac incident, which was demanding some serious attention,  so she suggested I contact Dr. Holt for further examination. My session with Dr. Holt was amazing.   I have worked with many incredible practitioners over the years,  and in my opinion/experience he demonstrates presence,  integrity and a dedication to his clients overall healing. During our session, I found myself feeling completely relaxed,  hypnotized, if you will.   Another aspect of me was wide-awake and able to tap into the deeper aspects of the symptoms which I was experiencing.   I was able to release a tremendous amount of fear,  grief  and guilt which completely caught me by surprise.   The release process was intense and I was quite immobilized for about 48 hours, which was disconcerting to myself and my loved ones. Later that week,  my EKG was normal and my follow up tests have been very positive. I look forward to working with Dr. Holt on many levels to transcend the chronic health issues I have experienced.   I will prepare myself in the future for the decompression phase,  and do my best to release the root causes in a way that is always at a rate that is conducive to my ongoing well-being and healing.
I was referred to Dr. Holt by my integrative medicine physician.   I have been treated for a glioblastoma multiforme  brain tumor since April 2012.   We both believe that cancer has it roots in ‘stuck’ energy and past issues.   My career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for 30 years has led me to many practitioners.   Dr Holt is by far one of the finest and effective practitioners I have been fortunate to work with.   I don’t know exactly how he works or what he does, but I am better for it. I am successfully looking at and processing my issues and working with the cancer.   I have had my ups and downs through the process and now am considered ‘stable’.   The next time I have an MRI I plan on hearing ‘improved’ and then ‘no more tumor’!   I perhaps have had more sessions than the average, but my condition is serious and his support invaluable.   Some of the changes are subtle.   I’m more calm, handle stress much better, understand my body much better, and am able to look at underlying triggers and issues much more clearly.   I plan on continuing to work with Dr. Holt because he is one of the best!!

I met Dr. David Holt in 2005.   By then I had already had breast cancer in my right breast,  submitted to a lumpectomy and partial removal of breast tissue and lymph nodes in 2001. The lab and ultra sound as well as blood tests told me that they did not remove all of the cancer.   Since my late husband had died of chemotherapy poisoning,  I knew there had to be a better way so I chose not to use the recommended chemotherapy or radiation.   My partner and I owned a natural healing center and I knew quite a lot about natural healing,  still,  it was scary to let go of everything I had ever been told,  not because I was afraid of dying but of the possible pain and leaving my loved ones behind.

I made a plan and chose my support team, three of the best doctors in the area that I knew of then and trusted.   Then, I began a strict organic diet adding 42 supplements at breakfast, 28 at lunchtime and 17 at dinner.   I released the stress and began to walk away from anything that might upset my new found and serene lifestyle.   I was unfaltering with my ‘plan’,  never missing an appointment,  a dose of supplements,  a good night of sleep or a day of sunshine and laughter. $11,000.   And 8 months later I was declared cured by all three doctors.

Now,  I was not happy with the way I looked.   With one breast almost non existent and a scar that looked as though the surgery had been done by someone who was falling down drunk.   I found a plastic surgeon who claimed he could make it all better.   He would put in a medium sized implant and reduce the size of the remaining breast to match the rebuilt one. We again had a plan.   The surgery was scheduled in October of 2006,  almost five years after my first diagnosis of cancer. Everything went well and on the first follow up consultation,  exactly,  to the day and even the very hour,  five years from the date of my first diagnosis, the plastic surgeon told me that they had found extensive cancer in the other breast. I had been so good! I couldn’t believe it.   I went right out and had four other tests to prove he was wrong.

All five of the tests were positive for cancer.   Dr. Holt suggested that I have an ‘in depth’ treatment to find the cause of these recurring cancers.   Within the first treatment he located the cause that had been unresolved in my past and guided me in the release of the emotional trauma that he thought was manifesting itself in physical disease.   Dr. Holt was closely attentive for the next few weeks doing some follow up mini treatments to make sure I didn’t backslide or pull something new into my inner sanctum circle.   Five weeks after my first diagnosis for the second cancer Dr. Holt suggested that I have those same five tests again.   I did and they were all negative. My primary care physician and good friend told me that in 34 years of practice he had never witnessed healing like I had presented. He called it a ‘miracle healing’. Since then,  Dr. Holt has guided me through several other ‘miracles’.

I believe that Dr. Holt holds the key to future medicine;  Truly he is a man before his time.   However,  as we all know,  at some point in time,  someone has to see above the confusion and identify the problem before it can be recognized and solved within the masses.   The problem being that modern medicine is failing to treat the cause of illnesses and we have now learned that the disease will keep returning until the cause is resolved.   I believe that with Dr. Holt’s guidance anyone can cure him or herself of any disease in any stage, without invasive or dangerous methods.   I believe that we create our own illnesses as well as every other event in our own lives.   And I believe that we most certainly need help uncovering the cause that led us to the illness.

No one was more surprised,  even shocked,  than I was,  that I had hung onto a problem for more than half a century without knowing I was doing it.   Dr. Holt knew.   The minute I began to talk about it he nailed it and began to guide me through clearing it out. I may have had an instant healing but I don’t know that because the testing had not been done yet.   I feel that the healing was instant.   Dr. Holt has a natural curiosity that commands discovery,  a consuming desire to help humankind and a passion to make the world a better place. May his life be blessed with success and fulfillment!

This letter is in regard to Dr. Holt ‘s use of tong ren methods for healing.  My son was diagnosed with stage four adrenal cancer.   After a year of conventional treatment we knew that he could not be saved through chemotherapy.   Dr. Holt’s practice,  done remotely,  multiple times a week,  gave James a new lease on life.   It was as though he was in remission and back to his old self for the remaining four months of living.   Dr. Holt therapy reduced James’ pain,  gave him the sense of peace,  helped reduce my anxiety as James mother,  and overall extended the quality and quantity of our lives together significantly.
I am a 29 year old woman diagnosed with a glioblastoma in the Summer of 2008.   I have had one surgical intervention to remove the tumor initially combined with brain radiation combined with temodar orally.   Eight months later, due to persistent residue on the scan, I chose to do a course of cyberknife.   I seemed to do fairly well for a few months but then began to get headaches and some vomiting for which they started me on a course of steroids.   That seemed to help quite a bit for a while, but even those appeared to lose their effect after a few weeks.   Started sessions with Dr. Holt in the middle of May 2010 and completed twelve sessions over six weeks. I did not feel a whole lot until the fourth session, which he said may be the case as I was taking 16 mg daily of Decadron which is a pretty large dose.   The next day after my fourth session I really had a bad toothache.   This tooth had bothered me years ago after it broke in half and the following year developed an abscess.   I decided to have it removed entirely by a biological dentist and the procedure was uneventful.   Immediately the next day I noticed an “openness” in my right sinuses that I had not felt in years and the headaches decreased in number even as I tapered downward on the steroids over the next two weeks–they resolved about 90%.   My dosage of decadron now is only 2 mg twice daily and feel like things are going pretty well except an occasional headache. I am scheduled for another MRI of the brain in about a month, so am looking forward to seeing how the actual brain tissue looks to my doctors. UPDATE Over two months later I am still feeling quite well.   The MRI report did not show any new areas of growth, although the radiation oncologist did not seem overly optimistic, he read the scan as “stable” and recommended a follow up scan again maybe three to six months into the future or sooner depending on how my symptoms are.   Started Poly-MVA orally and off of the steroids altogether.   So, overall, pretty good news so far.
I was diagnosed with Stage 2-3 breast cancer.   Working with Dr. Holt has saved me from chemotherapy and surgery and seven years later I’m still clear. I had damaged tendons in my wrist that caused pain and immobility.   After two years of traditional therapies with little improvement, Dr. Holt helped me see related conflict issues and hours later my wrist had normal movement and was pain free. After a fall on my right shoulder, I was in constant and extreme pain.   X-Rays and pain pills provided little help.   Dr. Holt’s phone sessions brought relief and healing.
I just wanted to let you know the amazing results I had yesterday.   I have no neck or back pain and I have my normal energy back!!!   I hadn’t realized how my energy had diminished until it returned today.   I don’t understand exactly how this works but I know it really does.   Thank you for learning the skills to help people like myself.   I can’t believe how good I feel.
I am an 82-year-old Navy veteran and retired civil servant. I have had prostate troubles for about the last 15 years.   First an enlarged prostate and urinary troubles followed by a diagnosis of prostate cancer 5 years ago after an elevated PSA (28) led to a biopsy.   I chose to do a surgical removal of the prostate at the time and suffered with erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence ever since.   PSA has not been elevated since six months after the surgery.   Doc Holt did a few of his healing sessions on me, about four as I recall.   I didn’t get any noticeable improvement in the incontinence or erectile dysfunction, but will say that something quite strange did happen.   After the third treatment my left wrist hurt like the dickens for about five days without any apparent cause. Doc Holt asked if I had ever injured or fractured my wrist before.   As a youngster I had broken both of the bones in my arm and had to wear a cast for about 2 months.   Several weeks later I did notice that a chronic left shoulder and neck pain that interfered with my sleep for years was much better.
I’m a 24 year old Kiwi who has been troubled with low back pain for the past 3 years after a surfboard accident in Australia.   After a few visits with a well known physiotherapist, regular massage and the passage of time I was able to make it only 50% back to my prior function.   Definitely would say that the work with Dr. Holt and the Tong Ren has helped quite a bit. After six sessions over a period of two months or so I am at about 85% of what was normal for me prior to the accident.   Local surgeons don’t believe I am a clear cut surgical case so that doesn’t look like it’s a possibility.  Going to see how things go over the next six months and maybe consider another course of Tong Ren or maybe someone who does something called “prolotherapy” per Dr. Holt’s recommendation.
I was told by my doctor after I submitted to a CT scan and Ultrasound that my thyroid gland was enlarged and that there was a nodule suspicious for cancer.   I consulted with Dr. Holt and did a series of healing sessions with him over the phone. Each time we worked together I could clearly feel a strong sensation like “liquid heat” running through my neck and all over my body. “Watch for the decompression over the next day or so” he informed me.   It is something like a healing crisis from my understanding. Over the last six months since these healings, the worrisome nodule on the thyroid has not changed in size and the pain and ache that I constantly felt in that area has gone and not returned.   I believe the problem was addressed and is healing or healed.   All of my anxiety about the diagnosis is much much less, which has me sleeping soundly. I will certainly keep an eye on things with my doctors, but right now I see no reason to pursue a biopsy.   I never did have that healing crisis…just felt better with each passing day.   Thanks for the healing and the peace of mind, Dr. Holt!
I am 60 years old and had tried just about everything prior to working with Dr. Holt.   Other interventions had been helpful but not held. Dr. Holt assisted healings throughout my entire body, life, work and relationships.   We addressed chronic parasite and a tendency toward chronic kidney infections with immediate results. He met me at every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   Wherever I started at the beginning of our sessions I improved dramatically.   He treated me with kindness, compassion, knowledge, experience, and wisdom.   He has a huge toolbox of techniques and healing modalities. He facilitated consistently amazing healings.   I trust him completely.   He helped me return step by step to a normal life filled with joy and happiness.   Major miracles!
I am a 32 year old woman diagnosed with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma in the Summer of 2006.   Two courses of chemotherapy later and I was deemed to be in remission at my one year follow up.   Over the following year however I began to notice worsening insomnia, swelling of the ankles and a clear sense of what felt like my heart “jumping” in my chest.   My oncologist shared that I had likely suffered some of the cardiac side effects associated with the Adriamycin chemotherapy which I received for the NHL. In August of 2010 I experienced six sessions from Dr. Holt over about a month.   After the first week (two sessions) I have to say that I felt quite good: more energy and better clarity in my brain…although I also had a few peculiar headaches which is out of the ordinary for me. The second week I came down with a case of very strong fatigue, sore throat and a heck of a tooth ache.   I felt worse than I had in years!   Dr. Holt explained about the “decompression” and so I just waited things out and it did indeed clear by the next week.   After all is said and done I can only detect a single major change in my body: my neck and upper back feel much lighter and free than they have since before the NHL diagnosis.
(WIFE TESTIMONY) My husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer in December of 2009.   He passed away in August of 2010.   We contacted Dr. Holt in June of 2010.   Terence had failed to respond to his chemotherapy and had already went from 240 to 185 pounds by this time.   You might wonder why I would write a review at all since nothing apparently worked to turn the disease around in Terence. Dr. Holt enabled us to get really clear about a few things which really smoothed out the process of dying for Terence, but also helped the entire family to get through the ordeal.   For one, he pointed out a likely source of the illness to begin with, which was a really terrible dispute between my husband and another family member the year before his diagnosis.   It seemed to drag on forever.   We were able to put this to rest once and for all through a dose of forgiveness and increased understanding.   I was also able to sleep much better when I was advised that our only role was to “hold the space” for any potential healing to unfold, but surrender the results to God.   Also that the role of all good medicine is:  to cure sometimes, relieve often and comfort always. The hospice process went much smoother with Dr. Holt helping things out and reminding us that we could not “carry the disease or the burden of healing” for him, but just continually be present in any capacity he required.   Another of my favorite pearls of wisdom from our communication was that “passing into Spirit is the destiny of every one of us, practically none of us get to say ‘when’ and the fact that, arguably, the deepest healing from the perspective of our infinite nature, may actually unfold beyond the eyes of the world.”
Dr. David Holt has been what all doctors should be — a constant advocate for my health and healing.   In the few years that I have worked with Dr. Holt,  I have been impressed not only with his broad expertise in the many dimensions of healing, but also with his sincere concern and interest in the totality of my health. Discussing issues and events in my life has helped to unblock mind and body so that they remain open and receptive to healing.   Dr. Holt offers a full participatory role to the client as master of his own health.   His practice is as unique as he is among medical professionals.
I had just moved out of my parent’s house and I started getting hives/rashes all over my body.  They were first spotted on my arms then started showing up on my back and legs.   My body was covered practically head to toe! I waited for about three months to see if it would resolve itself, but it did not change. I talked to Dr. Holt about my problem and he asked me about what had been going on in my life.   I told him how I left my parent’s house and he compared my issue to the animal kingdom.   I was very close with my family, and it was a huge change being away from them.   He described the situation as a cub leaving its mother and having to move on and discover the world on its own.   It’s never easy for a child to leave its home, nor is it easy for a mother to know their child will be out in the world, alone and unprotected. After two sessions with Dr. Holt the hives/rashes started to clear up. He told me to confront my family and make things right with them in order for my body to heal itself.   Dr. Holt helped me find the clarity within myself, and once it sunk in, my problem resolved itself within days. I don’t know how easy things would be without the knowledge and truth Dr. Holt provided, but without him I would still be stuck in the mask of darkness life had brought.   I now understand that illness happens because of how we react to these turbulent and surprising life events and is more easily cleared through a reflection and release of that turmoil.
Dr. David Holt was instrumental in assisting me during my bout with throat cancer.   His work helped relieve the pain and inflammation in my throat and mouth.   It was a difficult time in my life and Doc Holt was right there to help me through all of it.   I am cancer free now for the last three years.   I highly recommend him for any health challenges you may have.
I met Dr. Holt in 2006 while doing intensive alternative treatment for breast cancer.   I loved my sessions with him and was amazed that he intuitively knew what would help me.   I was not in tune with my own body and was totally shut down.   With his help my attitude and fears have been changed.   I did a lot of vitamin IV,  peroxide,  etc treatments during the first 6 months.   I saw the oncologist every 6 months and was told I was doing great.   I was declared cancer free in Oct 2011.   The only conventional treatment I did was a lumpectomy. I had lost touch with Dr Holt but miraculously received an email describing his new practice and I started doing sessions with him.   It was to be a Godsend because it prepared me for the next shock in my life.   I started having trouble with a hip implant and in May 2012 the ortho Dr. thought it was bone mets and sent me to the oncologist.   I have been told by a specialist that the bone loss was caused by the metal in metal hip implant.   I have had a dislocated hip for over a year and am on crutches due to failure of the hardware to sync. I’ve not been sick through all of this-I am living a healthy,  full,  joyous life with faith that things will happen in God’s time and I don’t have to worry.   Dr. Holt has helped me to get to this place where I am no longer full of fear and anxiety.   I believe his insights and modalities help me to make changes that give my body a chance to heal itself. I have trouble recognizing changes,  things seem to happen gradually but I do have an “instant” healing story.   About 3 months ago I had an abscessed tooth and thought I would lose it.   I emailed Dr. Holt and he sent a remote dental healing for me.   The next morning it was gone and I have not had any trouble since.   The dentist could not find anything wrong either.
This past New Year’s Eve (2012) I suffered a bad fall on the ice while taking out the trash.   A very bad fall.   I felt my back crack.   I was in the snow on my driveway and was fortunately rescued by a passing motorist who took me up to my front porch.   I knew it was a serious injury and after trying to get warm I managed to get in bed.   I had been talking to Dr. Holt on another matter unrelated to any health issues. I was aware of his energy healing work, and had used it casually in the past and knew it worked.   I was able to contact him and he immediately began to help me – enabling me to move,  sit up …and helping with much of the pain and calmed things mentally as well as I was very shaken and upset. He provided a few sessions in the following days and I do feel it lessened the actual injury.   Eventually I pursued a surgical intervention as the vertebra had been badly fractured, but in the meantime I really don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Holt.
I have known Dr. Holt both personally and professionally for the last 14 years.   He has proven to me his integrity and healing abilities over and over.   He is one of a select few other practitioners that I will refer my clients. Every person I have ever sent to Dr Holt has been very pleased with the information received and the encounter overall.   But most important is the fact that every person has been helped.   Everyone has benefited and ends up feeling better, myself included.   I can not recommend Dr Holt highly enough.   He is a gift direct from God and is an Angel helping people to heal. (R.F. ; Classical Homeopath ; Resonance School of Homeopathy)
I would like to thank you for the assistance you have given me throughout the years.   Having breast cancer has been difficult enough without all of the side effects that often accompany the conventional medical approach. I was treated with standard therapies and finally the cancer remitted but not without several complications.   I almost died after taking tamoxifen and spent weeks in the ICU for repeated pulmonary embolisms.   The radiation treatments left me with a very hard breast. Incredibly, one of the “side effects” of working with you for my general health was that the breast has returned back to being soft again and the arm swelling is totally gone!   A most pleasant surprise.   Thank you so much for your work with me.
I had a cyst,  on the back of my upper thigh,  since my family and I first moved into our house in 2000.   For 13 years I felt very uncomfortable and self-conscious about it.   Dr. Holt took that away after 1 treatment.   We talked about the cyst and the possibilities of the cause. Somehow,  during that discussion,  we went through the cause of my feelings and I couldn’t help but feel a little lighter.   I felt he helped me confront the cause of the issue and make peace with it. After our session, the cyst became softer.   I was really amazed how much power we have over our selves.   The cyst became smaller and smaller until it was gone completely.   It took less than a week for it to be gone completely.   I have never heard of anyone who made their cyst go away,  so this was a mind-blowing experience for me.   In the past I was afraid I would have to go to the doctor to have it removed. I am very thankful for what Dr. Holt had done for me.   Not only did he take away something I had been ashamed of for so many years,  he really helped me realize my own power and the peace I could bring myself. Thank you,  Dr. Holt,  for all you’ve done.   There aren’t enough people in the world who help with healing.   Not only do you help find a solution,  you get to the cause.
I had an ingrown and infected toenail on my big toe for the first time.   It hurt to even have the sheet touch it!   I called Dr. Holt for help.   He told me the relation between that toe and Mother and inquired as to my current feelings about my Mom.   Indeed,  I had a whole lot of unexpressed feelings about her.   He listened keenly and reflected back to me what I’d said in a way that helped me get unstuck in concert with his remote healing efforts to free up the flow of energy.   The next morning, the ingrown toenail gently ruptured and healed within a day or two!
Several times Dr. Holt has helped me to heal from a condition which has no specific known cause.   In my case, the causes have not been as simple as stress at work or in my personal life.   Because medications only treat the symptoms,  but are unable to cure the condition,  I am extremely grateful that Dr. Holt has been able to help me heal. Since Dr. Holt is experienced in such a broad variety of healing modalities,  he was able to help me identify the specific emotional stress that led to my issue.   Each time that Dr. Holt has helped me to recover,  I have been surprised by the emotional trigger for this condition.   Through his work,  I have a deeper appreciation for the strength of the mind-body connection. I appreciate the ease of the telephone sessions,  as Dr. Holt has been able to respond to my situation very promptly at times.   As a result,  I have recovered in a much shorter time period as well.