Frequently Asked Questions

50% cancer and 50% everything else.   For pediatric cases,  the mother or father are required to be present for each phone encounter.

We leave the practice of medicine where it rightfully belongs:  between you and your team of medical professionals.  In contrast, we come together as two human beings in a simple but profound effort to inspire your own self-healing potential to be fully realized. Every practice and healing approach has its own advantages and limitations and the secret is getting them to seamlessly work together for you.

We will start off by letting you ask any questions that are on your mind.   I will ask you to share your story of illness.   There will be a few questions from me in order to  get a better idea of the where things are stuck and how you approach life.

The simplest portion of the encounter might be me navigating through the various blockages found and skillfully witnessing things until there is a release.   I’ll be speaking much of the time and will pause now and again to see what you notice.   Watch the Tong Ren video.   We will be including some of that in your session.

For those folks who really want to know how the illness came about,  we may discuss various stressors in your life and see if we can’t figure out why the body produced this or that disease.

My approach is informed by a recognition that all illness arises or is projected from various patterns of stress or blockages on more subtle levels of your being.   Within life we experience things which catch us by surprise internally and find ourselves unable to disperse or detach from them.

Providing that space to inspire healing and manifest wholeness is the singular goal toward which I strive. Whatever unfolds in that space I leave between you and the Divine.

In short:   YES.   But don’t take anyone’s word for it,  find out for yourself.   If you are curious to know if this illness came “out of the blue” or was part of some attempt by the body to respond to stress as best it could…we can explore this as part of the encounter. Making sense of what the body is doing can often clear much of the fear of being ill and free things up for an easier healing.   Imagine what it would be like to discover which levers got pulled and buttons pushed that triggered the illness to appear in your body.   The sense of control which that brings can offer a newfound freedom.
From what I have seen,  the human-to-human interaction with a skilled energy healer having performed thousands of sessions,  is consistently more beneficial than the majority of standard or integrative oncology approaches. If we make a study of the peer-reviewed scientific literature,  we find abundant evidence that chemotherapy and radiation often prove fruitless in healing advanced cancers.

Judicious use of surgical remedies may be helpful,  but they do not address the underlying pattern in the body which produces a cancer and do not represent a complete approach. Granted,  clearing the cancer and living beyond 95 years may be what we all want,  but we mustn’t discount the value or possibility of making the return to Spirit in a state of peace and dignity as a “success” in its own right.   I suspect the most potent healing of all for each one of us arrives upon the “shuffling of this mortal coil” which William Shakespeare so eloquently wrote.  

The general guidelines are as follows:   If you have a life-threatening illness,  then I would recommend starting with two hourly sessions per week continuously until there is a clear turnaround of your condition or it appears that there is absolutely no response after two or three weeks.

Then one could modify the frequency or discontinue as guided by their conscience and their medical team’s assessment with clinical evidence such as labs and radiological scans.

For other maladies,  once weekly to start can produce a satisfactory window.   Regarding the 75% or so of folks who seem to benefit,  nearly all of them will feel changes within the first few days of the first session.

Cancer patients taking high doses of steroids (ie., Decadron, Prednisone) or opiate pain control (morphine,  Fentanyl patches) can be most challenging.   Also those with major weight loss and loss of appetite (cachexia) or are experiencing major fluid problems (pleural effusions, belly swelling “ascites”) may require some persistent support for them to turn things around.

Effects are reactions that your body produces when it is exposed to a substance or a given intervention.  Those which are unpleasant or undesired are conveniently called “side effects”.   When one seeks to “pull the disease out” rather than “push it in” with suppressive measures, the body will produce evidence of this as symptoms being expressed.   An oversimplified but useful explanation for natural healing is that we seek to release the stress as if it were a pressure or tension within the body.

After the tension is released the body will go through what we might call “equilibrational transit”.   Like rescuing a scuba diver from the depths of the ocean who has been exposed to all of that stress in the form of water pressure.   After they have been saved from that stressful situation and brought to the surface, they might undergo what is called “decompression sickness”.   This is when the body tries to move from its special state of accommodation in the stress (lots of water pressure) to a proper state of balance at the surface (no water pressure).

Nitrogen gas needs to be released from the bloodstream into the atmosphere.   If the intensity and duration of the tension held is great, they may need some help (hyperbaric chamber for example) to make the adjustment smoothly.

It is the same with you and I.   When we release tension like in a good healing,  we will often feel things like fatigue,  headache,  skin rashes erupting,  flaring of symptoms briefly as the body discharges that “pressure”  in its movement toward greater freedom and vitality.

This “decompression” phenomenon then is part of how the body heals itself and naturally decreases in intensity with each encounter as there is less and less stress to release as we go.

The flow of an encounter works like this:

First,  contact me either by leaving a phone message or email message. Office phone is 775-230-7304. You can also text this number. I will either text or email you back to schedule a 15 minute chat to see if we feel mutually comfortable working together.

Second,  make a payment through the “payment” page either by credit card or Paypal.

This payment locks in and confirms your session with me.   Ie., Clients pay the fee PRIOR to the session.

I will call the phone number which you designate at the scheduled time.
I am 90% on time within 2-3 minutes.
My caller ID will be:   775-230-7304
You might consider using a speakerphone or headset,  but handheld is okay.
We will conduct the session.

Afterward feel free to share via email or text message any shifts in the following days or short questions (fee paid is inclusive of this).

If there are multiple or elaborate questions then it would be best to address them within our next therapeutic encounter to ensure quality communication.

$130 for a half hour session.

$230 for a one hour session.

$440 for 4 x 30 minute sessions consecutive days. (15% discount)

$1435 for an 8 x 60 minute session package, pre-paid. (22% discount)

Fees for daily care in the integrative oncology center where I previously worked exceeded $1,200 daily cash “out-of-pocket” during a three week intensive excluding travel, lodging and food expenses.

Within modern American medicine it is not unusual for society (state and federal government + insurance companies + your premiums + your copay) to pay in excess of $200,000 for each individual in the course of their care for an illness like cancer.