David Holt DO, HMD

27 years practice, 18 years with cancer emphasis.

14 years telephonic consultancy.

  • 1996     Graduated from the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA.
  • 1997     Rotating internship at Saint Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, NY.
  • 2001    Completion of 4 years with US Air Force as a flight surgeon, Vandenberg AFB, CA.
  • 2002    Conferred “Homeopathic Medical Doctor” (HMD) in the state of Nevada.


Greetings.  My name is Dr. David Holt.  You have arrived at my “online consultancy” where I have connected with folks and their health challenges since 2009.  In this practice I have an emphasis on cancer (50% of clients) and literally everything else (50% of clients).  I work exclusively over the phone via an audio-only connection.  


The mainstays of the therapeutic encounter are:

  1.  Find the stressors that caused your mind-brain-body to respond with these symptoms that modern medicine calls “disease”.  Discovering these events helps to release the stress.  Sometimes the stressors get compounded because of the diagnosis itself or thoughts and beliefs about the meaning of having such a condition.

  2. Clear the stressors.  This may be accomplished with simple “talk therapy” or with methods of “energy psychology” or with “energy healing” modalities applied to the physical body with a non-physical connection (see “Tong Ren“).


Development of practice


In 2002 I began to deepen my understanding of complementary and integrative methods with a study of homeopathy, energy psychology,  neural therapy, orthomolecular and biological medicine. In 2005 I began to practice with an emphasis and special interest in cancer.

There were elaborate protocols involving insulin potentiated chemotherapy,  intravenous cesium,  IV ozone and peroxide,  IV laetrile,  IV high dose vitamin C,  other vitamin and mineral infusions.   Also employed were various Rife and Lakhovsky technologies and both diathermy and laser-based photodynamic hyperthermia. Dietary supplements selected through electrodermal testing were often given in abundance.

In the following five years of work in that capacity I was introduced to the work of Dr. Ryke Hamer and Claude Sabbah through two of their senior students.  This new paradigm of understanding viewed illness from an entirely fresh perspective, proposing an unerring intelligence within the seeming chaos of mental disorders and physical disease.  To best summarize my findings with this approach I would say that it enabled any open and curious patient to achieve super clarity on the origin of their illness.


Quite reliably we could find definitive answers to the questions:  Why me?  Why now?  Why this?  The methods of conventional medicine could only give the standard kinds of answers:  Why me?  “It runs in your family.”  Why now?  “Your body simply erred, it was a genetic ‘time bomb’.”  Why this?  “Your bad habits  have finally caught up with you.”


So I continued the application of this “insight-based” intervention and often it would bring relief and comfort, but the cure or complete remission achieved through an inspiration of their self-healing potential would have to wait in the advanced cancer cases.  The impression which had been conveyed to me in my tutelage with my German New Medicine (GNM) professor was that advanced cancers normally yield and remit when the triggering experiences are revealed and cancer as a disease process has been successfully recontextualized as a “meaningful special biological program” of nature in the mind of the patient.
Perhaps it is unfair to use cases of widespread cancer involving vital organs as a measuring stick for ANY therapeutic intervention, but GNM makes these claims fervently so I deem it necessary to share my own experience which also reflects the experience of many many other practitioners with whom I have communicated.
That being said, the other 90% of illness described within human beings does spontaneously yield quite regularly when working with a diligent practitioner who perhaps has a few thousand cases under their belt and more than a few years of practice.  I have also consistently found that there are always a few “masters” in every field, whether it be conventional surgery, osteopathic manipulation, psychoanalysis or spiritual healing, whose immersion in that given practice inspires those whom they serve to make seemingly insurmountable gains in a restoration of health and wholeness.

I used to joke with those patients with challenging conditions:   “I wish I could just reach in there and turn ‘off’ your switches for illness.”   In the late Fall of 2009 one of my prior patients with breast cancer inquired about an approach to illness called “Tong Ren” and I decided to check it out through some individual applications and establishing a weekly group session to further investigate.   This method allowed an immediate jump in therapeutic action for my patients and quite literally did begin to allow the nervous system to begin “switching off” illness like I had never seen before.   It is now a mainstay of every encounter I make with a client in pursuit of their self-healing.