Greetings.  My name is Dr. David Holt.  You have arrived at my “online consultancy” where I have connected with folks and their health challenges since 2009.  In this practice I have an emphasis on cancer (50% of clients) and literally everything else (50% of clients).  I work exclusively over the phone via an audio-only connection.  It works well for most everyone and I enjoy connecting in this way.

The mainstays of the therapeutic encounter are:

  1.  Find the stressors that caused your mind-brain-body to react with these symptoms that modern medicine calls “disease”.  Discovering these events helps to release the stress.  Sometimes the stressors get compounded because of the diagnosis itself or thoughts and beliefs about the meaning of having such a condition.
  2. Clear the stressors.  This may be accomplished with simple “talk therapy” or with methods of “energy psychology” or with “energy healing” modalities applied to the physical body with a non-physical connection (see “Tong Ren“)

It wouldn’t seem like much shifting could happen in this sort of setting, but I find there are distinct advantages:

  1.  Saves time and money for the client.
  2. The appointments are kept punctually 95% of the time.
  3. Connecting over the phone creates a space where the client can be more introspective, less distractions.
  4. Accessing care is easier.  Whether travelling, during hospital stays or just “on the go” there is much more flexibility on both our ends for connecting.
  5. Greater focus placed on “self-healing” which means shifts happening in the client that restore vitality, resiliency and a greater capacity to disperse stress.