Payments are made only AFTER we have communicated by email or phone.  See “Contact Us” page.

Your payment LOCKS IN and confirms your reservation.  In other words, payment is required PRIOR to each session.

If there is good rapport between us and a potentially life-threatening illness responding inadequately to the best conventional medicine has to offer,  people will often want to try a full month of work including twice-weekly hour long sessions.

If you wish to prepay for a block of 8 one hour sessions, you can save $400 ($920 vs. $1320).

The payment solution below is provided by Paypal, Inc. and will allow either major credit cards or a paypal account to be used.

There are THREE categories of session for which you can make payment.

The HALF hour slots are most suitable for those who would like to “dip their toes in the water” and see if this kind of approach is for them without committing to a full hour.

Options are available to enter payment for multiple sessions in a single transaction.

HALF HOUR                      $95

ONE  HOUR                     $165

4 x 30 minutes               $300

8 x 60 minutes               $920

Self-Healing Session



If you need to enter a precise dollar amount other than the standard options above, the button below allows you to do so.